Pokémon Items

Random Shiny - 5$

  • Awards a random shiny!

Shiny Up - 8.00$

  • Makes your Pokémon shiny!

Size Edit - 3.50$

  • Edits a Pokémon's growth.

Ball Edit - 2.50$

  • Edits a Pokémon's pokéball.

Oblique Items

Player Portal - 7.50$

  • Claim a public portal!

Aurora+ - 10$

  • Upgrade Aurora to Eon

Eon+ - 10$

  • Upgrade Eon to Mystic

Mystic+ - 10$

  • Upgrade Mystic to Azure

Store Terms & Conditions

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  • I.I All items, services and/or products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  • I.II By agreeing to pay its defined sum, the Customer is agreeing to the nature of the product item or service that is being purchased.
  • I.III Abusing the usage or presence of benefits can result in the removal of products purchased if determined to have been used to breach the consented Terms of Services and Server Rules.