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Head Staff


A truly skilled battler, Admiral is the Head of Gym Leaders. He battled his way to the top and now passes on (or tries to pass on) the wisdom he learned to his loyal subjects.


Maukit, Head of Events, runs her gatherings with an iron fist and a detailed calendar. Her relentless, upbeat team does everything, from Trivia Nights to Tournaments.


Some say he never rests, bending the laws of building to his will. In reality, he commands his small but dedicated legion of builders, all suffering from sleep deprivation, to bring a better tomorrow.


Head of quests and the leader of the Vulpix fan club, Owski has mastered the art of bossing around quest designers... and to this day you can hear their sobs.


ras is ze best

Gym Leader

Like showing off your battling skills? Apply to Gym Leader - create Pokemon teams, train players and guard your gym’s badge!

Quest Designer

If you consider yourself imaginative, you may be cut out to join the Quest Designer Team. Writing, coding, and testing are included.


Are you a creative individual with a passion for building? Join our team of Builders who create the wonders of the world.

Staffing in Oblique

Oblique's staff is a direct reflection of our management, and most importantly, of our core values.Key in creating good communication with our community, our staff are first and foremost committed players.

If you wish to contribute, pick below the role that suits you best. Gym Leaders, Quest Designers and Builders are hired through applications on our Discord. Message our very non-robotic Mia with "!apply [role]". Moderators and Helpers are selected from our active playerbase on the recommendation of an existing staff member, normally because they promote and nourish a positive, helpful and pleasant public environment.